Sunday, August 7, 2011

Arrows in the quiver (IV) ... To the end of the world.

Jesus is in the closest tabernacle to your home, to your work, to the place where you are now.

He, as a loyal friend, doesn´t leave us, whatever the time is or whatever we are doing.

Let your will turns into a worshipper of his close tabernacle, although your body isn´t there, although the church is closed.

How beautiful it would be if  a whole neighbourhood, a family, a home, unite their wills to pray to Jesus in the tabernacle from their homes, when they get up, when they go to bed or  beginning  their daily tasks.

Guardian Angel , now that I can´t be next to Him, fly there to adore Him

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  1. Beautiful thought. Asking our Guardian Angels to adore Jesus in our name is so praiseworthy. I forget to do this. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks Ana for this reminder in asking our Guardian Angels to adore Jesus in the tabernacle when we ourselves cannot be present! I go to Eucharistic Adoration at our church on Monday nights and feel such a sense of peace and calm while there that will last with me for awhile. Before the world starts interrupting those peaceful thoughts!