Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The beautiful paths of God

There is no easy path, but with the company of God every path is beautiful.
 Blessed Karl Leisner

These are the words of a german priest, Karl Leisner. His life is an example of what our lives should be. He lived for God´s love and in His love. He became a priest in a prisoner camp, Dachau, during WWII, and he only celebrated the Holy Mass once in his life, because he died almost immediately after being released. He was only thirty.

But his life was so rich, so full of God that our beloved blessed Pope John Paul II, proclaimed him blessed in 1996.

As he said our way in this world never lacks of sufferings, problems, deceptions, doubts, but if we think that God is on our side, that He loves us as if each of us  were the only ones in the world and that He cares and provides for us, how different our lives could be!

Let´s abandon ourselves in His divine hands and our journey will  be really beautiful.

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