Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ninety nine balloons

Among the enormous information that we can find in the internet, flashes of God´s grace, that acts among us,  are more frequently found than we expect.
This is the case of the video  that I want to share with you today.
A defense of life, a homage paid for a father to his son, the indelible testimony that the right way leads us to happiness, though we can´t reach it  completely in this world.
The story told in this video has not finished yet. It will end sooner or later and that day it will be perfect happiness for its main characters.
A therapeutic abortion would have ended all this. Nothing of what you are going to watch would have happened. Nor the future hope will exist. Abortion seems the easier way, but it does not bring happiness, that lasts forever.
Life can be hard, but that does not authorize us to do what it is not correct. 
And we always have God´s grace help.

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