Monday, August 8, 2011

Arrows in the quiver (V): Christ and the Cross

Lord, I have search for you in the easier way of life, when I am happy,  when I am rested, when I am not cold nor hot.

I have even dared to ask for a cross (as if anyone of us doesn´t have one yet, those true crosses which  are unbereably heavy). But I want a beautiful cross, those which give us a nice, even presumptuous experience.

But you have given me a really heavy cross, that that makes me suffer in the most absolute loneliness, that, which makes me feel so thirsty that no water can quench me, that, which makes me think that I am completely misunderstood, and makes me hate life.

But then I feel relief when I realized that You are with me, that it is You who carry my cross, and only then I learn another lesson in my life.

Don´t look for Christ without the cross


  1. That's a great quote from St. John of the Cross. I've never thought of asking for a heavier cross before... I'm too weak I think! God Bless!

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