Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arrows in the quiver (VI): Without Your mercy ,we are nothing

Lord I am insolent.
I have looked for you many times and others I have looked for excuses to take delight  in my sin.
When the sunset of my life is near I recognize my "nothingness", I have done few things in spite of having trying, I don´t  consider myself a winner, I haven´t lived the life of a saint, but I remember the words you told to the good thief : "Amen I say to you, you will be today with me in Paradise". 
I would  say that these are the sweetest words of Jesus. He told them to one who was not one of  His disciples, he didn´t even know His name, he probably deserved that punishment more than anybody, but Jesus was good to him, even in those terrible moments in the cross, because he was good to Jesus, in the style our Master wants us: with his repentance.

Jesus remember me  when You come into your kingdom

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