Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arrows in the quiver (III): Love in little things

I must notice Jesus, because He loved perfectly.

Yes, but day in day out, I pay attention to the things I do and I wonder if I do them for love.

I think that my mission as a christian is to do great things,behave bravely,and carry out important tasks.

But Jesus asks something much easier for me,first love TODAY and the rest will come later.

And that is what great saints did.

Love in everyday things, in each little detail, in our daily chores:
When I clear the table after having eaten,
when I photocopy something for someone at the office,
when I give way to someone who is in a hurry, when I am driving,
when I am in a lift and ask the person who is with me what floor he or she is going and I push the button for him or her,
when I don´t gossip when someone invites me to do so,
when I switch on the washing machine at home.

Without love nothing, with love everything.
Love and do what you like

Saint Augustine

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